Careers in the 60’s

The sixties stared off will a blast of revolution in women’s lib and freedom from the kitchen. It was now hip to pursue whatever careers in the 60's that struck your fancy and most women embraced this newfound freedom. Although some women did venture into the working world of man, most of them resigned themselves at the time to the conservative jobs that were acceptable to society. Teaching was a popular career to choose and a noble one and nursing was another field that a woman of the sixties might enter. A few women did enter the field of law and became lawyers, which eventually followed the position of judge. There were some that entered into the medical field and became doctors, but the most women accepted positions of secretary jobs and in the reception field. Stewardess was a popular job of the sixties and thought to be very glamorous - one that I think was a dream of every girl that grew up in that time.

For men it was a man’s world that was changing with every passing day, but they did have greater opportunities than women. A man could choose whatever career he wanted and climb up the corporate ladder without restraint or prejudice. The fields of careers in the 60's were unlimited. Men would enter the field of doctors, lawyers, teachers, scientists, professors and anything thing else that caught their fancy. Of course, they also had the option of becoming pilots and mechanics if they choose too. Men were usually paid more for the same job that a female could do and this brought with it a great deal of resentment from the women’s groups of that day, which would change as years went by. Careers in the 60’s consisted of a world of men that was changing very fast as women were coming into their own.

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