Baby Boomer Toys

Baby boomer toys are like a legacy for anyone who is lucky enough to still possess them. They were the neatest toys and anyone from that generation knows the play value that was in them, spending hours and hours playing in your own world with dolls, carriages, play kitchens, trucks, army toys and much more. Maybe because money wasn’t so plentiful back then and variety wasn’t all there is today, but the toys you received seemed to be much more special.

Any baby boomer will remember Rat Finks. For just 1 penny, you could get this neat toy from a dispenser, or the Big Daddy Roth Monsters that sat in a souped up car and had a look on it’s face that you didn’t know if you should be scared or laugh. How about Agent M, Man From U.N.C.L.E., or the neat Superman costumes that always had the warning that “this is only a costume”, Pick Up sticks, Snakes and Ladders, and Etch-A- Sketch. Hot wheels have lived as long as we have and still very popular on today’s market.

Of course there were baby boomer toys for the girls. There was Tubsie, which you could take into the bathtub and she would splash her hands. Barbie still looks as young as ever today while we age and is still at the top of the list on the market. Little Miss Echo Doll had a tape recorder in her body that you wound up with a knob and she would record what you said. The Hoola Hoop that took a lot of practice to get to know how to use, but it was a barrel of fun when you did. The paper dolls with their paper clothes gave many baby boomers untold hours of joy picking out new cloths and dressing them up.

These were all simple toys compared to what today’s market offers, but they gave more hours of fun than anything you could buy now. All baby boomers look back on their childhood toys with very strong feelings of joy and a part of them long to be back in that place again.

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