Baby Boomer Board Games

In the fifties and sixties, baby boomer board games were of the utmost importance to a child. Maybe this was because there was so much extra time to fill before the world became the busy place it is today. There would be hours of fun sitting on the front porch with your friends playing the games of the times and some of these favorites are still with us today in one form or another and some still in the same form.

Who can forget the hours of fun that a deck of Old Maid brought when you would try your best to avoid the old maid at all cost even if it included cheating? The whole family sometimes played monopoly when everyone tried to be the big tycoon. This game is still on the market but the icons that are used are different and so is the money, inflation I guess, and the bills have gotten bigger in value. There is nothing to compare to the baby boomer board games.

Rin Tin Tin was always fun as were Dragnet, The Lone Ranger, The Münster Card game and Twenty Leagues Under The Sea. They would keep you entertained for hours on a summer afternoon. Twister was another popular board game, if your parents would let you own one, as the contortions you had to put your body in didn’t always sit well with your parents. But oh what fun you would have using you body for the pieces of the board game! Who can forget the oldie but goodie game of checkers? This game must have been universal as was the game of Tic Tac Toe. The game of Ker Plunk was always fun, too. Baby boomer board games kept the baby boomers from many hours of boredom and sometimes caused best friends to part, at least for a couple of hours until they would decide to play again.

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