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I Have Become My Mother/Father

Where Were You When...

What did we Baby Boomers do with the world that was given to us? Did we improve it or make it worse?

How did We Do?



Baby boomer Memories Nostalgia; Classic Chevy


Baby boomer Memories Nostalgia; Hippy Twirling Batons


Baby boomer Memories Nostalgia; Discoball

Baby boomer Memories Nostalgia; "The Beaver," Jerry Mathers and House with White Picket Fence

No generation has seen so much change in their lifetimes as the Baby Boomers born between 1946 and 1964.

Jerry Mathers as "the Beaver" was our poster boy, but not all of us lived a tranquil life in suburbia with perfect parents symbolized by Ward and June.

Send us your memories of what it was like growing up as a baby boomer.

At the beginning of the 1950's children were seen and not heard. Rock and roll, with its rebel image, changed this. Elvis and James Dean were the symbols of rebellious youth..... but then so was Pat Boone

Our fathers had jobs that they would retire from and mom stayed home with the kids.

Remember the '50s

The 1960's started with such promise. The average family owned a house in suburbia, a young president was just elected and nobody had heard of Vietnam. Ed Sullivan introduced America to John, Paul, George and Ringo. Can that really be over forty years ago?

This decade ended with protest, flower power, assassinations, and the Vietnam war going on & on & on.

Remember the '60s

The 1970's was in some ways a lost decade, an opportunity for change that was never taken advantage of.

A president resigned in disgrace and the scourge of drugs became part of our everyday life. The repulsive word "downsizing" became the norm as recession & inflation took hold. Yet we also became aware of the environment and how to protect it.

Remember the '70s

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Baby boomer Memories Nostalgia; Memories


Your favourite books


Favourite cars

Did you buy a classic as an adult?


Magical Memories


Everyday life with your family


Nothing can replace the closeness of our childhood friendships.

First Love

The girl in pigtails in the second row - The boy who shared his cookies at lunchtime

Movies & TV

Show of Shows, Uncle Miltie, Batman, Beverly Hillbillies, Beach Blanket Bingo, Ben Hur, In Like Flint


Elvis, Pat Boone, Supremes, Temptations, Beatles, Eagles, & Hey Hey we're the Monkees


Kindergarten to High School & University


Barbie Dolls, Slinky, Hula Hoops, Erector Sets & Lionel Trains


Family holidays, camping and those long drives in the old station wagon